Friday, 19 February 2010

Conclusion and reflection

Now that we have finally finished our environment design project..i must say i was left feeling slightly disappointed as we were expecting to finish this project on time before the deadline so that we have enough time to touch up on our final piece. We did managed to finish our project but from my opinion , i think we could've done better than what we did. Right from the beginning of this project, we aimed to go for sci fi futuristic /modern cityscape unfortunately we find it quite diffciult to achieve the full package of what we was aiming for. For example, we wanted to go for dark blue eletric cityscape with alot of lightings beaming through the city with flying vehicles in the environment. Another thing i struggled on was the interior design. The modelling and layout were good but i spent way too much time on it. I believe this would of been completed on time with enough time to play around with maya and add more stuff to it when i can. Myself and leonard were working together on the interior design but the others was struggling with the buildings so he had to go back and fourth helping out while I continued to work on modelling and texturing. I must say it was quite hard working on my own as i needed someone's opinion on my ideas before putting it on the scene.

I must say working in a group was fun but when it comes to helping eachothers with the work by importing or tranfering files to add more stuff on the scene, thats when it gets messy because majority of the time when the file is tranfered to another users' laptop,the textures on the object turns black when rendered. Maya only recognise the file name from the laptop that it was orginally created , once the files is tranfered to another uses laptop, the user will experience the 'black textured problems' as maya doesnt recognise the file name from the user's laptop. This threw us more times having to back to the hypershade and try putting the texture files and naming them in maya which was annoying. We spent hours rendering on the desktop and commands on Maya kept saying the render is completed but i find it so impossible to render that quick as the frame is over 1000. We later found out there was something wrong wth the computer that stops us from rendering it in to movie even though the rendering setting was correct..=( Myself and Marios ended up playblasted it and we still ended up with the same result..'Missing texture'..=(
We also noticed that our laptops weren't strong enough to render the movie, its either due to insufficient space on the hard drive or not enough memory..?:S

Marios was helping me out with the texturing on the interior which was great as i didnt know much about. When i finally know how to texture, I relised how important it was to learn UV Mapping..i know i will need it for my next project and of course, i do not want to go through hassle again by not knowing much on maya and relying on the others. this will be on my 'To do List'. =)

Final Environment design clip....

Here is a final clip of our environment.

Render completed...

Since we been having bad experience with rendering the texture, we thought we have another go with the render for our final environement...Leonard, Shuhel, Yemi and Marios decided to render each with different camera shots so later once the scene is finally rendered, the animation can be edited and decide which shots suits best for our chosen final environment. There are good and bad news. which one would you like to know first?? probably the good so ill start with that... all three rendered scene from Leonard, Shuhel and Marios didnt work...the texture came out black again which was really annoying but the good news is that Yemi's completed his rendering with the full texture which was a relief ( otherwise we'll end up showing nothing on our final environment movie clip) .

My interior rendered scene also came out with the same problem. We decided to use my rendered interior even though some of the textures are not there. we wanted to show what we also worked on, better showing it than nothing. Times was running out so we could only use what we have which was yemi's animation in the cityscape and my interior design...:(

Textures and Rendering problems....

We've been experiencing rendering with textures as we noticed everytime we render out a scene, there's seems to be a black or grey color covering the object which doesnt look too appealing. =( We spent over two days trying to figure out the problem but there's no errors to be seen. Our render setting were all correct, we set our files textures on the right object yet still to be experiencing the same problem. When we final gathered what causing the black & grey color on our object is that maya could not regconise the files once its tranferred around from different laptop. this leaves us with more time to re attach the files name on to the objects.

Finished interior

Marble beigh texture on the staircase and light fine wood on the floor.

UV Mapping and Textures..


These are the textures that i used to texture my objects and the floor tiles.

3D WORK-Modelling + Texturing part II

This is the basic layout that leonard did before i throw in some of my own stuff for the office and kitchen area.

Close up of the main living room..

Four views of the main living room...

Here is my first import of my office room , you can't see the inside of it but you will soon!

Here is my inbuilt bookshelf..I wasnt sure if it looks furistic/modern enough to be in the scene so i decided to scrap the big dull boxy bookshelf and fill it up on the wall with small light bulbs. I also add more objects for the floor. I used polygon cube smooth the shape by using the Bevel option, resize the shape and place it over on top of the plane, I then duplicate as muany cubes as i can to fit the entire floor. The idea of creating my own texture does look good but it takes up too many spaces which slows my laptop down so i decided to scrap the idea and use normal texture such a wooden floor.

I also added lights on the bookshelf. I always thought it would look quite modern to have lights on the bookshelf..more lights to looks for books! =)

Leonard also added lights on the side of the staircase which i thought it looks elegant..=)

A staircase with extra space for more stuff...